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Trauma & the Complex Intersections with Being Human

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About the Trauma & Co. Accessibility Fund

This fund has been created to support those is the greatest financial need for Trauma & Co.’s services, initially to partially fund Tier 5 Landing Space, Companionship Sessions and more recently we now also use it to give fully funded spaces on some courses/group offerings, as well as allowing us to offer some services at pay what you can rates.

Priority for funding will be given to those with identities that are typically most marginalized in society, who therefore often have access to less support in other ways (e.g. people who identify as BIPOC, LGBTQ+, women, people with disabilities/chronic illness, fat-bodied, people who are claiming benefits, unemployed, those without partner/family support, parents without financial support from another co-parent… list not exhaustive).

Donations can be made directly at (and by clicking the buttons above/below):

Thank you for your support. Even the smallest amount can make a huge difference to someone living with trauma.

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Donate to the Fund