Our Values & Guidance for Communication

Please remember the following when engaging across all our sites, including on social media. In this space:

We believe victims of abuse and trauma.

Victim-blaming in all its forms, is not welcome here.

We do not question another person’s identity.

We commit to continuously working through our internalized oppressive language and behaviors. (and the comments sections of our posts here are not here for you to work through that, there are other spaces where you can go do that, and we do not always have the capacity to walk you through it here. I, and those of us who work here in the future, work hard to find spaces to do that, such as in therapy or supervision, or in other spaces that are dedicated to this work, and we trust you can find your own spaces for this too).


We believe in science. And we believe for too long science and academia in trauma spaces has been dominated by white-cis-het-able-bodied-men. And we want this to change.

We believe oppression is trauma, or more specifically that oppression can lead to trauma and trauma responses and intersects with other types of trauma.

In this space black lives matter and brown lives matter.

Racism is not welcome or tolerated here.

We work at challenging and deconstructing white supremacy in ourselves and in what we share.

Trans rights are human rights.

Transphobia is not welcome here.

Queer and LGBTQIAP+ rights are human rights.

Homophobia is not welcome here.

Sex workers rights are human rights.

Non-binary thinking and living, in all aspects of our humanity, is celebrated here.

We believe in health at every size and in body trust.

Fat-shaming is not welcome here.

We believe in disability justice.

Ableism is not welcome here.

Women, trans and gender non-binary humans are centred here (because there is so much space in the world where we are not, particularly in the mainstream trauma, health and wellbeing cultures. We do and will share work from cis-men, and it is not the only or most sought after work shared here).

Misogyny and sexism is not welcome here.

We work at challenging patriarchy and internalized misogyny in ourselves and in what we share.

We are a sex-positive space, and believe in consent culture and challenge rape culture in all its guises.

Marginalized humans and their needs are centred here.

Discrimination of marginalized humans is not welcome here.

We default to using they/them pronouns unless we know otherwise. (and in quotes we share we will not change the pronouns used, as we will not change the writer’s words)

We give credit to those from whom we learn from and those we share the words of, not adding our logo unless the words have been shared within our project or we have been given permission to, because those words do not belong to us. We do not claim ownership of these words and we do not edit them for our own purposes.

We ask you to credit us if you find an image we have created or have found through us and also, and more importantly, credit the original writer or creator.

We are dedicated to learning and to showing up in our complexity and owning, apologizing and doing better when we get things wrong (because we will get things wrong).

Perfection is not strived for here. Humanity is.

We challenge capitalism and its harmful practices, while acknowledging we also need to keep a roof over our own heads while we live in this culture and are impacted by it ourselves in various complex ways.

As such we aim to make things as accessible as possible, while also looking after our workers’ needs  (now and in the future as we grow).

We celebrate difference and complexity.

You define you. We do not aim to diagnose, pathologize or label people here, and we trust you to know what you need in this regard for yourself.

We believe you know yourself and your body best and you are the expert on you.

We honour and trust your knowing of you and ask you to do the same of others.

We believe we are not all having the same experience.

We do not compare experiences (i.e. as worse or better).

We do not give advice unless it is specifically asked for.

Trigger warnings are not offered, because we cannot know what is triggering for another person, and we support you and your own right to be here as you feel you can be, or not, and to keep yourself safe. If you need to leave this space for that reason, that, too, is okay.

We encourage self-care and self-compassion.

We advocate for boundaries and consent.

We are a project built on the values of connection, community, compassion, complexities, collective liberation, consent, collaboration, co-creating, conversations, companionship.

You do not have to be here. This space will not be for everyone and that, too, is okay.

And if this space is for you, then you are welcome here. You are so very welcome here.