Meet the Team

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Sarah Mariann Martland

Sarah (she/her/they/them) is Trauma & Co.’s Founder & CEO. 

She is a cisgender, thirty-something, woman from NW England. She is a complex human who lives with chronic illness, and has personally experienced chronic, complex trauma, including physical, sexual and emotional abuses since birth.

Prior to creating Trauma & Co., her professional history included working in the non-profit sector, including for a national victim support charity in the UK, supporting people in the initial aftermath of various traumas, abuses and crimes. She also has other professional experience supporting people with mental health, chronic illness, disability and addiction. She now works as a writer and provides online business support for other creatives and helping professionals, alongside building and managing Trauma & Co. and offering companionship sessions to those living with trauma who need a space to land. 

Sarah created Trauma & Co. wanting to give voice to those living with trauma and its complex intersections with our being human and along with building connection, companionship and community. She is so deeply glad to be here with you all. 

You can read more about Sarah here.

Gwynn Raimondi

Gwynn Raimondi (she/her) is Trauma & Co.’s new Clinical Director. 

She is a licensed marriage and family therapist associate in the state of Washington in the US. The focus of her work and practice is complex and intergenerational traumas, grief, embodiment and their intersections.

Her training in family systems during graduate school and in universal systems (micro and macro) in undergraduate school (Bachelor of Science in Physics), instilled deep within her the understanding of how, while we are all unique individuals, we are also part of, contributors to, and victims of our current oppressive and patriarchal culture.

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What this means is in her work she helps shed light on the interconnections and intersections of our own lived experience, how the experiences of our ancestors have been passed down to us, and how the culture we live in impacts who and how we are in the world. She believes in tearing down the status quo and dismantling our oppressive culture and that this is both an internal and external process.

To learn more about Gwynn’s work, you can click here.