FAQs for In Your Bones

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Do I have to write about the details of my trauma or abuse?

No, absolutely not. While this is being run through Trauma & Co., and you are welcome to share as much as you feel comfortable with, the words ‘trauma’ and ‘abuse’ do not feature in any of the prompts (though some people might interpret them as being related to that in some way, which is also okay). You are welcome to interpret the prompts in any way you want to and take your writing in whatever way feels good to you on that day.

Do I have to be a professional writer to join?

Nope. There is no level or expertise in the craft of writing required here.

Is this a technical writing course?

Nope. I will not be giving you guidance or instructions on ‘how’ to write or critiquing your writing in any way.

Can I fail this?

Nope. You cannot fail this. I repeat: YOU CANNOT FAIL THIS. There will be set days where I will be offering prompts, in a regular pattern, but you are welcome to share your responses to them any day. The group will remain active for three weeks after the final prompt is sent for any catch up time before it is archived.

Do I have to share my writing in the group?

No. You are of course welcome to share your writing in the group or wherever you want, and if you would prefer to keep it to yourself, that is also okay.

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