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Trauma & the Complex Intersections with Being Human

What if it wasn’t all in your head, but exquisitely and devastatingly alive and living deep in your bones?


We live in a culture that doesn’t believe many of us when we speak our truths, particularly those of us who live with (often multiple) marginalized identities.

We live in a culture that gaslights us and conditions us to believe it is “all just in our heads” when we speak out about the lived experiences of our bodies.

We live in a culture that tells us we cannot trust ourselves.

We live in a culture that tells us we cannot trust our bodies and the stories they hold.

What if you could trust yourself?

What if you could enter into a space that begins and ends with trusting yourself and your body and your own experience?

What if you were given wide open permission to tell those stories; 
to write the stories living inside of your body?

What if it wasn’t all in your head, but exquisitely and devastatingly alive and living deep in your bones?


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in your bones begins and ends with this question:

What if it wasn’t all in your head, but exquisitely and devastatingly alive and living deep in your bones?

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This is a question I wrote years ago, to myself, in a moment of deep reclamation of my body and of the stories it holds. And it is a question I return to again and again, usually with different and varied responses – sometimes with a feeling of reclamation and power, sometimes with a deep grief for how some parts of me had lived inside my body without ever finding a voice, without ever being believed, without ever being known, and sometimes with pure relief to finally be believed, even if only by myself.

Writing for me has been a way of exploring myself, my complexities, the stories of my body, the stories held deep in my bones. Stories of trauma and abuse, grief and loss, illness and pain, love and joy, comfort and discomfort, knowing and unknowing. And through it all I have personally found writing to be the most deeply expressive way to give voice to parts of me that were long held inside.

Writing and art is also at the heart of the creation of Trauma & Co.. Initially, I created Trauma & Co. with the intent to open up an online magazine, with the tagline Your Story Matters. While our focus has shifted somewhat over the years, giving voice to humans and our complex experiences with our bodies (including that of trauma) is still at the heart of what we do here. And it is still true, and always will be, that:

Your Story Matters

Your Voice Matters

So I invite you to join me for eight weeks of writing the body and the stories it holds.

p.s. I believe you.


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The Finer Details:

August 5th to September 27th 2019 - REGISTRATION FOR THIS SESSION NOW CLOSED. Please sign up to our newsletter below to be informed of the next session dates and/or other services by Trauma & Co.

Sliding Scale Pricing starting at £10 per week (pay in full or over 2 months) – a limited number of scholarships are also available for those in greatest financial need. See sign up page for more details.

A Private FB Group for sharing and connection.

32 writing prompts over 8 weeks (4 prompts per week, with self care breaks in between) shared via email and in the FB group.

A document sent to you at the start with some resources for grounding and soothing your nervous system, along with recommendations for trusting yourself and your body’s knowing throughout our time together.

All forms of writing welcome (including, but not limited to poetry, prose, essays, stories, lists, single sentences, a scribble on a page. You are also welcome to use other forms of expression and art if you would prefer (or a mixture).

All genders and identities welcome*.

*Please read our Guidance For Communication for more details of our community values, which are true for this space also.

Still have questions? Click here for some Frequently Asked Questions.

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In Your Bones has been created by and will be facilitated by Sarah Mariann Martland. I am the Founder and CEO of Trauma & Co. and I am also a writer. Writing has saved my life, repeatedly, and I am a huge advocate for its power.

My most recent writing can now be found on my personal Patreon site, where there are also opportunities to join me in companionship. I have had the honour to have articles published on websites including Huffington PostElephant JournalWomen for OneRebelle SocietyThe Manifest-Station and The Mighty. My poetry has also been featured in various online journal and print anthologies (see website for more details). Some of my work can be found under my previous writer name Mariann Martland.